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Merci @rustlord_bnw (Instagram) d’avoir choisi mon hitchcockienne version noir et blanc du Mont Saint Michel

Also buildings can have just a silhouette… And some are immediately recognizable! CONGRATULATIONS to Guillaume AKA @gmaurinphoto This wonderful capture is selected as a @rustlord_bnw daily feature Thanks a lot for sharing it with us and tagging #rustlord_bnw – Please repost for a while to promote our hub to your IG friends Please visit this artist’s great gallery, for more great artwork and to show your appreciation ============= Pic selected by @densvp ============= Keep tagging your best bnw/splash shots : #rustlord_bnw & #rustlord_blacknwhite and our specific splash tag : #rustlord_bnw_cs Our followers best shots are chosen daily by the @rustlord_bnw team Be sure to visit and follow our other hubs : @rustlord @rustlord_explores @rustlord_texturaunique_ @rustlord_life @rustlord_archdesign @rustlord_carz Use the Mention « Rustlord VIP » in you bio when you follow the whole set of rustlord hubs ! Thanks again to all contributors to make our hubs alive ! ======== @rustlord_bnw are : Founder : @atmosfierce Admin : @stephenamore Mods @natashajpino @susan_loves_bnw @anlinsh @aleixmateo @densvp

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#BestShot 2015

Sûrement, à mon avis vu que je l’adore vraiment cette photo, ma meilleure de 2015. Et dire qu’elle a été prise le 2 Janvier !!! Comme quoi

Hitchcock at the Mont

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